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An Augmented Reality Journey in the Sweet Auburn

Georgia Tech

Mobile Web Application
Augmented Reality

Front-end Developer
UX Designer



The Sweet Auburn Historic District is a historical neighborhood east of downtown Atlanta. There are historical landmarks, churches as well as other historical buildings for various purposes in that area. Once a magnet for emergent African American business, the area fell into decline following World War II, and many of its buildings were either razed or became victim of neglect in the past decades. Some are still out there, but lost its original social functions.


Our task is to raise awareness of Auburn Avenue's significant history as a center of African-American business and culture, thriving in the face of great adversity during the reconstruction and segregation periods, and its leadership in the American Civil Rights Movement. We not only need to provide the visitors with a way to take a look at the historical buildings that are gone, but also need to convey the potential and splendid future of this vitally historic neighborhood.

The Sweet Auburn Neighborhood in 2016

The idea

For the purpose, we intend to create an experience that facilitates the visitor's understanding of the Sweet Auburn, both its past as the origin of black business in Atlanta and its undecided future. We want the audience to know not only what social functions these historical buildings once had in the past, but also what they can become in the future. After a some discussions, we decide to restore the history in Sweet Auburn Historic District by rebuilding the historic landmarks in this area which have been torn down for many year, or by envisioning the future of the buildings by overlaying the proposed renovation blueprints over the current buildings in order to retain the historic and cultural character of the existing community.

Target experience

The Mixed Reality experience we design strives to relate present to past or future, and attach virtual panoramas to real locations through a few typical cases we presented in our Mixed Reality mobile application. Users will be able to compare the present view to either historic view or potential renovation plan. By presenting the historic panorama we created, we want the participants involved in the experience to appreciate the glorious past of Sweet Auburn and rethink about the solution we adopt to secure the future of the Sweet Auburn Historic Area.


Although Augmented Reality(AR) is no more a new thing, several of my friends still didn't fully understand the concept just by clicking around. Therefore we decided to create a short walkthrough which will be shown to users when they start the experience for the first time.