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The road trip playlist generator is an idea that has been adopted in multiple advertising campaigns while I worked at F#. Although the concept offers a meaningful means that connects brands to music, it generally demonstrated poor performance. My challenge was to optimize the existing concept based upon metrics from the Gold Peak Tea campaign and adapt the experience for Enterprise Rent-A-Car to increase awareness and consideration of their car rental service.

Understanding the Problem

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Gold Peak Tea Road Trip Playlist Generator
Gold Peak Tea is a brewed tea brand advertised for its home-brewed taste, pure filtered water, and mountain-grown tealeaves. The target for Gold Peak Tea’s Road Trip Home campaign is to increase customer awareness of the products, boost traffic to both the campaign and Gold Peak Tea official websites, and to reach new customers through social sharing.

In the Gold Peak Tea road trip playlist generator, a custom playlist is created for the user after they map a route with a start and end point. Tracks on the playlist will be based on their Spotify music profile and the playlist itself will match the length of the road trip (up to 10 hours long max). I reviewed the metrics of the campaign including user event flow, key events, and social sharing, analyzed the statistics to spot issues and identified sections that could be improved.

Event Flow Funnel Diagram
To understand the conversion rates and find out the pain points, I pulled out key events from the metrics to create a funnel diagram.

Key Findings and Potential Improvements

  • 60.2% of the audience shows interest after seeing the ad page. Among them, 62.4% goes to the loader page, and 54.3% finishes the video.
  • Among the audience who continues to explore, only 48.5% of them logs in with Spotify, while 51.5% of them chooses to skip log in.
  • Among the audience who logs in with Spotify or skips log in, 25.2% leaves the website after being asked to enter their road trip origin and destination either because they don’t have a road trip plan or because they are not interested in getting a road trip playlist.
  • 16.5% of the audience who gets a random route or enters their own origin and destination chooses not to continue after selecting their route due to discontinued interest.
  • 51.2% of the audience who gets to the “result page” listens to the road trip playlist.

Potential Improvements
Most of the stats were actually satisfying, and more than half of the users who go all the way to the end would like to try the playlist. It seems the only problematic part is the road trip landing page. To improve the performance, I came up with a few possible solutions:

Highlight Skip Option
More than half of the audience either do not have Spotify or do not want to log in to Spotify. Highlight “skip” to offer the audience who do not wish to log in to Spotify an opportunity to continue the experience.

Pre-fill Starting Point and Suggested Destinations
Instead of asking users to fill in origin point and destination, pre-fill the space with user’s zip code and give them some popular cities as suggested destinations to save them from the excessive cognitive load.

Redesign the Experience

I reframed the road trip playlist generator experience for Enterprise Rent-A-Car based on all the insights I gained from the Gold Peak Tea campaign review and did a few more iterations to add in changes I couldn't apply to the Gold Peak Tea campaign due to various limitations.


After the first round of design, I reviewed the optimized solution with the creative team and did some iterations to further improve the login and landing pages.

Final Deliverable