Spotify Web API Infographics


Under Armour, 7UP


UX Designer



I had the opportunity, during my time at F# to utilize the capabilities of Spotify Web API to design playful infographics for 7UP and Under Armour. Partnered with Spotify, both clients want to visualize the user's favorite artists and music preference in an interesting way that encourages users to explore.

Spotify Web API

Unlike the tradition physical music industry who had no way of knowing you were doing, streaming services like Spotify lets applications fetch data about songs, artists, and albums in the Spotify music catalog. The API can also provide useful data about Spotify users, including their saved music and playlists. The data provided by the Spotify Web API allows us to create more personalized, more creative, and more enjoyable branded experiences for Spotify users in the form of infographics. By integrating brand identity into interesting interactive music infographics, we connect the global audience to brands through personal music information they care about, and create engaging interactions to encourage them to explore.




How danceable the song is.


How energetic the song is.


Whether there is an audience present in the recording.


How happy the song is.

Under Armour Music Analyzer

For the Under Armour Music Analyzer, the user logs in with their Spotify account and utilizes the Spotify Web API to receive a statistical breakdown of audio features based on their data. The user views a dashboard depicting sonic attributes of their music such as tempo, energy, loudness, and track length.


7UP Related Artist Web

The 7UP Related Artists Web allows users to connect with Spotify and generate an infographic based on their favorite artists. The infographic allows users to discover and explore related artists, visualize how they relate to each other, and view popularity and top tracks.