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During my internship at F#, I crafted the user experience in several travel pre-sales for clients such as Hyatt, Switzerland Tourism and Tennessee Tourism. The purpose is to drive consideration for an ongoing promotion or promote brand awareness. Although the concepts share many things in common, I took the chance to explore and experiment with different design and creative directions to identify a perfect fit for each of the destinations. 

Swiss Tourism-Road Trip Friend Generator

The Concept
After directed to the microsite from media drivers on Spotify, users can connect with Facebook and select friends who can join them for the Swiss Tour. They enter a song and get a playlist based off that song. Their friends have the chance to go through a similar experience, by entering a track, getting a playlist and entering the competition.


01 Landing Page
Users connect with Facebook and select friends that can do the Swiss Tour with them. They enter a song to get a playlist curated based off that song. The friends they invited can also go through a similar experience.


02 Loader Page
Users watch the video while waiting for the road trip map and Swiss Tour playlist to be created.


03 Result Page
Users get a curated playlist based off the song they entered along with a Swiss Tour road trip map. Besides, they also unlock the opportunity to enter the competition and see all their travel buddies.

Hyatt Hotel-City Guide


01 Landing Page
Users will see a map of the best cities in Asia-Pacific upon landing. They are encouraged to pick a destination of their interest and explore trending music, upcoming concerts and city highlights.


02 Content Hub
Users will get a playlist of trending music at the chosen destination along with latest music events and city highlights. They can also check other great cities in Asia-Pacific.

Tenneessee Tourism-City Guide


01 Landing Page
Users can choose from five cities in Tenneessee to get curated content about topics such as music, food and history.


02 Content Hub
Users receive a playlist with the best music from the city, and curated content about city's highlights.