Information Visualization

Information Visualization

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The visualization aims to help both soccer fans and non-fans understand the strength of teams from top leagues during UCL Season 2013-2017.

See it live: www.uefaviz.com


The clubs that we plan to visualize include clubs from top 5 European leagues who participated in UEFA Champions League between Season 2013/14 and 2016/17. We split the data into two types, namely, general clubs’ information and clubs’ statistics. The former describes time-invariant information such as the name and the year founded. The latter describes time-variant information such as shot accuracy and possession.

Sources of data

Design Alternatives

Both the single innovative visual representation and multi-view coordinated system were proposed and evaluated by peers before deciding the eventual visualization direction. The initial attempts embody the effort to give non-fan an overview of how well each of the top 5 leagues performs in UEFA Champions League and which team contributes most to the result. Users can also switch to the total market value to see a breakdown of top European leagues and clubs by market value. The visualization also enables users to compare the key attributes such as total market value, defense and attack qualities and most expensive players from teams of their interest to those from the rest of the teams.

Design Process & Challenges

We refined the visualization direction after gathering feedback from the target audience and generalized them into several insights:

  • Data of the same entry should be linked in some way to help the user identify correlation and trend.
  • To ensure the user does not get overwhelmed by the mass data, the visualization should present an overview on default and show details upon the user's request.
  • The visualization should show the data compactly using a highly interactive way to become more informative and make the exploration delightful.

Final Deliverable

Future Work

After running a user testing session with information visualization experts, we summarize potential improvements that can make the user experience even better:

  • Have some more filters/selectors throughout, add some secondary filters to facilitate exploration and have views connected more.
  • Search box could make club locating in the scatter view more easily.
  • Provide a preview on selector hover, so the user does not have to click and make a commitment to observe the change in pattern.